InterMapper 6.1

Monitors local networks and alerts of errors
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Scan a network and analyze its structure to see potential or existing traffic problems for subsequent prevention. The mapping assistant provides visualized real-time feedback showing the current status of network connection and identifies potential or already present risks and their sources.

InterMapper is a network monitoring application created by Dartware. The application is designed to monitor and map large networks, so that network administrators could manage all their devices properly. InterMapper gives you a view of the network you are monitoring in real-time, from traffic analysis to service and device monitoring. It also gives you a hierarchical view of the network and the geographic location of the devices. This version includes Google Earth integration, so you can see where your devices are located. It also includes a monitoring system allowing you to check the weather conditions inside the data centers and provide alarms in case there is something wrong with devices. The strong point of InterMapper is that the setup and monitoring are really easy and it includes several great monitoring features. Perhaps, the downside is that the entry level license, which is for 25 devices, does not include Flow or their SQL server. However, the stand alone application is excellent for monitoring any kind of network.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Easy to use
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Wireless Monitoring


  • Entry level price does not include Flow or SQL server
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